Supporters Comments from people who have supported the Life for Lewis appeal

We are eternally grateful to each and everyone of you who have donated or helped with fundraising for the Life for Lewis Appeal, and we are delighted to introduce our charity patrons.

We would be so grateful if everyone who has supported the Life for Lewis Appeal over the past few years take a couple of minutes and leave us a comment on our supporters comment page, it will be lovely for us to be able to look back on the comments and cherish and have a record of how utterly amazing people have been towards Lewis and our family, many thanks Gary and Lexi xx
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Name: Wendy Sheppard

Event Supported: Multiple Events.. including Band days, Cricket matches & Running

Myself and my husband Wayne have helped in many ways over the past few years to help raise money for Lewis and support his family. From helping with charity band days, charity cricket matches, 5k runs and much more. Wayne was also part of a team of Lewis family and friends who did Survival of the Fittest in London in 2015. Its always a pleasure to help Lewis out in anyway we can. We always know how much Lewis and his family appreciate what we do to help and how humble they are.

Name: Maya Warren and Tamzin Ford

Event Supported: Sept 2018 - Thames Path Challenge

In July 2018 me and Tamzin Ford took on Thames Path Challenge. 62miles non stop walk. It took us around 24 hours to complete. We raise £682. We wanted to do it for Lewis as he is my neighbour and I see him and his parents every day. How they just take it all in their stride and how brilliant parents Lexi and Gary are. We all wish we could make Lewis better but unfortunately we can't so doing just the small thing for him you hope it will make their life easier and help to improve Lewis's quality of life.

Name: Nick Harvey-Bain

Event Supported: Multiple events including Silverstone Half Marathon and The Rat Race Dirty Weekend

I’ve known the family for a number of years, my dad and Lexi’s dad have been instrumental in instilling an enduring love of real ale and rugby into my brother and I. I know what a tremendous job Gary and Lexi do in caring for Lewis and all the hard work they put in, alongside their family and friends, to raise funds for him, and I was grateful for the opportunity to do something to help. In 2017 I ran the Silverstone half marathon and in 2018, as part of a team of 5 friends, we undertook the challenge of The Rat Race Dirty Weekend, a 20 mile obstacle course, the biggest of its kind! Knowing I was doing these events to support such a great cause inspired me to complete them regardless of how tough it got, and I feel privileged to have done them on behalf of Lewis.

Name: Earl Charles Spencer

Event Supported: Patron

I can’t remember when I first came across Lewis and the Herbert family, but it was a few years ago. I was immediately humbled by Lewis’s parents’ devotion to him and love for him. They are an example of parental selflessness. I am proud to have been involved in a small way in supporting Lewis and his fabulous family.

Name: Carol Chambers

Event Supported: Selling my paintings and painted glass

I have supported Lewis by selling my paintings and painted glass. I do it because he is my great Nephew and I love him dearly. I have always felt so helpless with support for what Gary and Lexi have to go through and sponsoring them at various times is all I can do. Love to you all xx

Name: Steve Bellew

Event Supported: Summer 2015 - Pedalling for Lewis Herbert.. Cycling from London to Brighton

Gary and Lexi’s determination to give Lewis the best possible life in unbelievably difficult circumstances has always been inspirational to me. As a parent myself I can’t imagine how tough life has been for them. Lewis is an incredibly brave boy who has been through so much and deserves all the support he’s received. The least I could do was get on my bike for a few hours and raise some cash to support them all.

Name: Lloyd Groom

Event Supported: Patron and multiple events including cricketing, marathon & triathlon running and golf organiser

I’ve known Gary since we were kids and his family is one of the nicest you could wish to meet. They are inspirational people and Lewis is an infectious, charming young lad who always leaves you with a smile on your face and wanting to do more to help. In 2015 I took part in a reunion game of cricket to help raise funds for Lewis’s sensory room and in August 2015 I completed the London Triathlon raising around £700 for the charity. In March 2017, I ran the Silverstone half marathon with Gary and a number of old friends and team mates, raising around £3-4k in the process. This October (2018), myself and Gary arranged a charity golf day and raised over £7k for Lewis as well. Personally there is no greater feeling than being able to help make such a genuine difference to such a cracking families lives.

Name: Colin Kightley

Event Supported: Feb 2017 - Silverstone Half Marathon

I have known the Herbert family for years and the chance of raising some money for Lewis it just had to be done. With great support I raised almost £600 for doing the half marathon around Silverstone. It was my worst run but the thought of Lewis and how much I raised kept me going through the pain. Although it took me over 3 hours I would do it again for such a good cause. LIFE FOR LEWIS x 

Name: Owen Horn

Event Supported: Patron and Multiple Events

Lewis is an incredible young man who has great strength and courage fighting everyday this terrible illness he’s been borne with. I’m both honoured and humbled to be asked to be a patron of the Life for Lewis charity and I will do everything I can to continue to support Lewis and his family. I am really lucky to know his Mum Lexi and his Dad Gary from my years of playing cricket at Wicken (great times) it’s been amazing to watch them both grow up into such wonderful human beings and loving parents. Lexi and Gary are awesome guys that work tirelessly to give Lewis a better life. Keep fighting Lewis! Owen x

Name: Graeme Swann

Event Supported: Patron and multiple events including cricketing and marathon running

Lewis Herbert is a fighter. He wasn't born as lucky as you or I and his whole life has been one fight after the next for him and his wonderful family. I am humbled to be even asked to be a patron of the Life for Lewis charity and I will do all I can to help Lewis in his daily battle to enjoy even a fraction of what we all take for granted. I am truly lucky to have known his dad Gary since my early childhood cricketing days and know that the charity is in good hands. His selfless sacrifices and energy are an inspiration to me as he constantly strives, alongside his wonderful wife Lexi, to shine light into Lewis' life. Keep fighting Lewis, I'm in this with you mate. Swanny.

Name: Emma Parker

Event Supported: Family Support

Lewis is my nephew through marriage, I’ve known him and his parents since he was 2. Lexi is the kindest most generous soul who has done so much for us. She’s always there with helpful advice and to iron out any difficulties, she’s the family’s rock. For years and years we wanted to help her out in some way. So we were thrilled when Lexi and Gary reached out to ask for help. We love you guys and are so thankful that you’re in our lives. Xxx

Name: Callum Clare

Event Supported: Multiple Events including Heroes and Villains 5k fun run

Over the past 3 years, I have had the utmost privilege of not only knowing Lewis, but the privilege of spending so much time with him. I cannot thank Gary and Lexi enough for allowing me into their lives. The love and dedication they have for Lewis is beyond measure and to feel trusted with Lewis is a gift I could never repay. Being a part of his life fills me with so much pride and that love will be with me forever.

Every event that has been held for Lewis has always been so successful because there are so many people that have been inspired to help because of his story, as well as countless friends and family that hold so much love for him. Having had an input into the organisation of Heroes and Villains 5k fun run event, I can say from experience, the feeling of being involved in making a difference, no matter how big or small, for a family so deserving, is heart warming. Love you Lew x

Name: Arthur Dawe

Event Supported: Multiple Events including Horton cricket match, Silverstone half marathon and Golf Day

Since hearing about L4L and being invited to play in the cricket match at Horton CC all those years ago now, I have tried to attend every year. Not only is it a great time to catchup with old friends, but to support a very worthy cause. It is so important to step back from the daily grind and pressures of life, and concentrate on what's important. I was fortunate enough to be in the country for the Silverstone half-marathon which was a great experience and one that we must do again! This year's golfing day, whilst not as physically challenging as Silverstone, was still an amazing day shared with so many good people. I do hope that these annual events will continue and that we can keep raising money for Lewis and many other good causes in the future. Bring on 2019


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Supporters Comments from people who have supported the Life for Lewis appeal

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