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Raising money for various disability specific items and equipment

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Current Fundraising Projects, raising funds for the Life for Lewis Appeal

Raising funds for the Life for Lewis Appeal Current Fundraising Projects

New Loft Space Conversion in my house to allow storage of my vast amount of medical supplies, continence products and numerous disability specific equipment. This loft space conversion will allow the necessary space for a single bed to be situated in my downstairs bedroom so that my seizures can be monitored safely overnight by my parents and carers. 

This will allow my mum and dad and/or carers to be close to me overnight to provide oxygen and VNS therapy, as well as looking after me and making sure I'm safe whilst having seizures, this could potentially be life saving for me, as I am at risk of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) It is currently not possible for my Mum, Dad or Carers to be close to me overnight as my bedroom is small and due to my vast amount of medical supplies, continence products and disability specific equipment, there just isn’t enough room for a single bed in my bedroom.

Having this additional storage space in our loft will allow space for a single bed in my downstairs bedroom for my mum, dad or carers to safely provide vital overnight care and therapy during and after my seizures, and this will allow me to continue to be able to be looked after at home.

Current Fundraising Projects, raising funds for the Life for Lewis Appeal Raising funds for the Life for Lewis Appeal

House Adaptations/alterations - Any items and works required to help me safely access the downstairs of my house in my wheelchair as I'm getting bigger and so is my wheelchair!. Also any necessary adaptations/alterations required in my house, to allow my Mum and Dad and carers to continue to look after me at home due to my complex condition and severe seizures.

New Wheelchair Accessible Front Door with Low Threshold and suitable fixed ramp to allow safe access to and from my house as my Wheelchair has got bigger as I'm growing!.

New replacement floor mats for my sensory room as they have worn and will need replacing soon as it's becoming more and more difficult for my mum and dad, and carers to safely walk on them to provide me with all my care needs.

A New Specially Adapted Manual Wheelchair. As I'm growing and my scoliosis/curvature of the spine is deteriorating my existing wheelchair is no longer suitable for my needs. I require a new wheelchair with the necessary postural support and adaptation to suit my changing posture and this will enable me to sit comfortably and safely.

SAT's monitoring machine and accessories (SpectrO2 30 - WW1030 Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Alarms) so that my Mum and Dad and Carers can keep a close eye on my oxygen levels and pulse during and after seizures.

I would be so very grateful if you were able to help me try and reach my current targets and dreams. 

To Donate please use my Tree of Hope fundraising page

   Lewis x
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Current Fundraising Projects

Current Fundraising Projects

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Below are some of the projects that have been held and are currently planned.. click here to see all the projects

I have received my new wheels!!!!.....

I am delighted to let you all know that I have now received my new Chunc Manual specially adapted wheelchair and Mustang Electric chair!

Both my chairs are so comfortable as they are specially adapted to my complex needs and scoliosis.
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Wheelchair Accessible Sensory Garden

During 2015 we raised enough money for my dream of a wheelchair accessible/sensory garden at home.

My garden is now fully completed and it is absolutely amazing.

I can now access my garden in my wheelchair and spend quality time together with my Mummy, Daddy, sister and brother all together in our back garden, something which I was never been able to do in the past.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated towards my new Sensory garden I will be eternally grateful to all of you x 

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Eye Gaze Communication System for Home

“Yehhhh I can now communicate with my Eyes!. My new eye gaze communication system is so much fun, I can use lots of different cause and effect software and when I look and focus on the screen with my eyes something always happens which is absolutely amazing.
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Lewis Multi Sensory Room Now Complete

We are delighted to let you all know that Lewis' multi sensory room is now finished! We wanted to thank each and every one of you that has helped this happen for Lewis.

He absolutely loves it and is so relaxed, calm and happy when using it.
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Summer 2015 - Steven Crook Runs4Funds Charity Season for Northants CCC

Runs4Funds is a fundraising initiative founded by Northamptonshire Steelbacks all-rounder, Steven Crook, that was born following an emotional meeting with two inspirational parents of Northampton-born, Lewis Herbert. 

Lewis and his family’s story was covered in the local newspaper, where they spoke of their efforts to recruit fundraisers to help raise enough money to provide much-needed facilities and equipment for 12 year old LGS-sufferer, Lewis.

Throughout the 2015 season, Steven supported the A Life For Lewis Appeal by helping raise nearly £5,000 towards a much needed sensory garden for Lewis to enjoy. Read more.. Summer 2015 - Steven Crook Runs4Funds

Fundraising Challenges by some very special friends

Personal challenges people have done for Lewis over the years.. Read more.. Various Personal Fundraising Challenges

To get involved and help fundraising for Lewis please contact us

Life for Lewis Appeal Fundraising Projects

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