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Sept 2018-19 - Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year

Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year

I have decided not to do a main event for the Life for Lewis Appeal in 2019, instead the only challenge I will be doing is the small matter of trying to run 1600 miles in a year (100 miles for each year of his life so far), as well as not having any alcohol for a whole year.

The Final Analysis
My final year long running graph for my challenge for Lewis. I managed to run a total of 1835 miles in the year. Completed in 156 runs, 246hrs (10 days) total running time, at an average of 11.76miles every run, and 60 half marathons (more than one a week). Quite proud of that to be honest.

JustGiving online donations - click here

June 2019: Herby’s Final Furlong to the Hart (1600th and final mile)
June 29th: I did it!, I really don’t know how, but I did!. 1600 miles ran in 10 months (2 months ahead of schedule and in only 132 runs (An average of 160 miles every month, and 40 miles every week, and an average of 12miles per run!)

There have been plenty of really dark moments and countless self-doubts on a weekly basis about whether I would be able to get to, or get anywhere close to my mileage target. It has quite simply been the hardest and most relentless thing I have EVER done in my life, and my body has been in absolute bits!.

Thank you to all those who have supported me and given generously to Lewis’ appeal, it really has kept me going and it will never be forgotten. Actually feeling quite proud of my achievement as well as extremely emotional!. Can’t quite comprehend it all at the moment, but once it’s sunk in it will be an achievement I will be able to look back upon with a tremendous amount of pride I'm sure.

At the finish line of the Running Sober Life for Lewis Challenge Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year

#1600milesinayeardone #132runs #214hrsrunningtime #160milesaveeverymonth #40milesaveeveryweek #12milesaveperrun #58halfmarathons #4marathons #completedin10months #lifeforlewisappeal

June 2019: My challenge of running 1600miles in a year came to an end at The Old White Hart on Sat 29th June. Thanks to everyone who joined me to celebrate reaching my running target. Having my friends and family join me in running the last mile, and being at the finish line was incredibly special to me.


Thank you so much Earl Charles Spencer for all your support and for taking time to do this congratulations video, it means a tremendous amount to me.

June 2019:
June 27th: It’s going to be an emotional few days!. This challenge has been the hardest thing I’ve EVER done. It’s taken everything I have to complete (Nearly!) #1600milesinayear #2milesleft #Saturday #Lewis #noalcoholforayear #Swanny (see video below)
June 24th: Another 11 Mile run. Back to back, Ouch!.  2 MILES LEFT! 4 days rest now before Sat. It’s the Final Countdown! #1598milesdone #2milestogo 
June 20th: Another 10 Mile run. Back to back, horrible!, body a mess and swallowed a fly! It’s the Final Countdown! #1576milesdone #24milestogo
June 23rd: Sunday morning 11 Mile run. It’s the Final Countdown! #1587milesdone #13milestogo
June 19th: 10 Mile run. It’s the Final Countdown! #1566milesdone #34milestogo 
June 17th: Half marathon (58th of my challenge in 9 and a half months!) It’s the Final Countdown! #1556milesdone #44milestogo  
June 14th: Another 11 mile run. Sore back and feeling emotional!. It’s the Final Countdown! #1543milesdone #57milestogo
June 12th: 11 mile run. Another one ticked off. It’s the Final Countdown! #1532milesdone #68milestogo 
June 10th: 11 mile run. Heart rate got up to 228bpm on mile 4 which is a little concerning! (Hope it was my watch playing up!). Toe nail hanging off as well!. It’s the Final Countdown! #1521milesdone #79milestogo
June 7th: Another 14 mile run. Quite frankly it was horrendous!. Was like a drowned rat, come rain or shine!. Body broken, but on the plus side I’m down to double digits left, 90 miles to go!. It's the Final Countdown! #1510milesdone #90milestogo
June 5th: Another 14 mile run. Really sore and stiff legs, and body screaming at me to stop!. Running on empty ! The closer I get the further it seems away!. It’s the Final Countdown! #1496milesdone #104milestogo
June 3rd: Another 14 mile run. It’s the Final Countdown! #1482milesdone #118milestogo
June 2nd: Kicked off June with a 14 mile run. It’s the Final Countdown! #1468milesdone #132milestogo


May 2019: 
31st May: Decided last minute to do a 14 mile run today to take me to 200 miles ran in May! Have done 12 13 x half marathons and one full marathon in May, a total of 186 200 miles done in May. In total thats 1440 1454 miles done, only 160 146 miles to go! If there is anyone who would like to sponsor me who hasn't got around to doing so then it would really help give me that extra boost for my final push. Many thanks x
May 26th: 5th Half Marathon in 7 days! 
May 24th: Managed to run 4 x half marathons in 5 days this week for the first time ever!
May 13th: 10 PB’s achieved on today’s run. Quickest ever half marathon 1hr 38min (eventually a sub 1hr 40 yehhh!). 5K 20min 41s, 10k 43m 59s. Actually feel quite proud of myself for how far I’ve come with my running. When I started running 3yrs ago I couldn’t do 1/4mile without having to stop.
May 6th: Ran the Milton Keynes marathon.. that's another 26.2 miles ticked off..Milton Keynes Marathon photos

April 2019: Another month ticked off.. 190 miles ran in 14 runs. A total of 1254 miles done, ONLY 346 miles to go in 4 months. Just realised I’ve done 40 half marathons in 8 months!

April 19th: Did my Fastest ever Marathon today 3hrs 47mins. Was ok till mile 18 then hit the wall, last 8 miles were hard work. I can confirm that 26.2 miles is a long way!
April 13th: Just been out and done a PB for 5K (21mins) 10k (45mins) and 15k (1hr 10mins), had planned to do a half marathon but completely ran out of gas!, had to stop at 10miles, legs had gone and was nearly sick!. Physically don’t think I can go any faster than that. How on earth do people average under 7 minute miles over a half marathon or longer!

Lewis made the BBC !
"What an amazing thing this Northampton dad is doing to help his disabled son." BBC News East of England

On the back of Lewis' video appearing on the BBC website/social media pages we have had approx. £500 pounds worth of donations from about 30 people we don't know and have never met, but who saw the video and decided they wanted to help us.

This has blown me away to be honest, it's very hard to comprehend and get your head around. They have taken time out of there busy lives to donate to Lewis (at a point in time where so many people are massively struggling financially) and to also send me some lovely messages of support and encouragement for my double challenge.

The world can be an extremely horrible and really nasty place with so much hatred and cruelty towards others, but there are still a lot of kind, thoughtful and generous people left in the world and this is extremely heart warming.

It is wonderful to see that humanity lives on amidst all the hatred.

March 2019: 163 miles ran in 15 runs. A total of 1064 miles done.. ONLY 536 miles to go !!
Encouragement from a random stranger: Saw a man with both legs amputated in a wheelchair pushing himself as well as carrying loads of shopping bags, he shouted out "Keep going Buddy you can do it". This spurred me on to achieving PB's for 5k (22min 48secs), 10k (46min 29sec) and 10 miles (1hr 16mins 55secs). If he can get up every morning and carryon with life then I can run a few miles, no comparison, totally inspirational, bless him. Never take what you have for granted folks!
Encouragement from Swanny:

Mid-March: 1000 miles update.. 1000 miles completed!. #85runs #149hoursrunningtime #11milesplusperrunaverage #138kcalories #1600milesinayear #noalcoholforayear #lifeforlewis! Watch Gary's video update on Twitter

February 2019: I am now half way through my double challenge of trying to run 1600 miles in a year, as well as not having any alcohol for a year for Lewis. I have managed to run 901 miles in 6 months and haven't touched a drop of alcohol for 6 months. Massive thank you to those who have sponsored me already it has really kept me going. I genuinely don't know if I will be able to complete the challenge (I have massive doubts every time I go out and every week!) as it's just so relentless and my body is in bits and screaming at me to stop!. If anyone is willing to sponsor me it would be so appreciated and would help drive me forward for the "second half" of my challenge, which is going to be even tougher than the first. It's really hard to describe how difficult it is to keep running this amount of miles (33 on average) week in week out, as there is just no time to rest the body, it's relentless and absolutely brutal and the toughest thing I've ever done by a country mile!. Please help me drive forward (slowly!) into the next six months by sponsoring me and in turn donating to Lewis' appeal x.

February 2019 - ankle update. I went to see the brilliant Lee Daggett at Move4 Physio this week about the ongoing issue with my ankle. He was extremely approachable and very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to any of you out there who need to see a Physio for whatever reason. He is trying to help me get through the second half of my ridiculous challenge. This is his assessment of the current situation with my ankle - Move4 Physio report - click here

January 2019: Half way there!, 800 miles completed. With the pain my ankle/foot is giving me every step I genuinely don’t know if I will be able to complete the challenge but I will give it everything I have, even if I have to crawl. Who will “win” the body or the mind!. Any support in the way of sponsorship really would help keep me going and would be very much appreciated.

December 2018: I am two and a half months into this challenge and it’s by far the hardest thing I have every done, it’s relentless and painful but I am going to give it all I have to complete the challenge by Sept 2019. I have so far managed to run 612 Miles in four months (only 988 to go!) and have not touched a drop of alcohol for two and a half months.

Thank you

JustGiving online donations: Running 1600 miles and sober for a year

Lee Daggett at Move4 Physio - Ankle Report
"Gary’s body has been through the mill over the last few years, but considering the amount of mileage he’s covered in that time, it’s held together brilliantly with only a couple of minor blips.

I saw Gary this week, as it seems he has hit a slight speed bump on route to achieving his goal of running 1600 miles in a year.
Gary has been struggling with ankle pain, that is slowly getting worse week after week, as the relentless running programme continues. The main cause of this pain is from 18 months ago when Gary ruptured the anterior talofibular ligament in his left ankle. He’s had minimal issues with his ankle since that point but the sheer load he is currently putting through his legs is highlighting where his weak links are.

His ankle joint is very stiff which is starting to alter the mechanics of how he runs. His ankle also has a decent amount of instability following the injury 18 months ago, and due to his lack of physio input over that time, his ankle is now very weak. We have given him some strength exercises to build it back up to where it needs to be. This is going to prove difficult, given he still has to run 33 miles per week to keep up with his challenge, but is something Gary is committed too.

I’m confident if Gary manages to increase the strength and mobility of his ankle, this will help to reduce his pain and allow him to complete his challenge. Throughout that time, we will see him from time to time to keep him fighting fit!"

As previously mentioned we are not holding any fundraising events for Lewis in 2019 (so know buying of raffle tickets!), as I'm doing this double challenge, so if there is anyone who would be willing to sponsor me and donate to Lewis' appeal it would really help me keep going, especially with the pain I'm in with my ankle!. This is the JG page I am using for my double challenge.

Thank you very much,
Cheers Gary x

JustGiving online donations: Running 1600 miles and sober for a year

Loving my new L4L double challenge Running Sober clothing and Payntr Cricket running shoes!

Loving my new L4L double challenge Running Sober clothing and Payntr Cricket running shoes Payntr Cricket running shoes

Massive heartfelt thank you to David Paynter at Payntr Cricket for sponsoring these absolute beauties for the next leg of my running challenge. Although designed for cricket they have the technology of a light-weight running shoe, and are so comfortable and supportive, I am going to use them in the next leg of my 1600 mile running challenge for Lewis. 

For all you cricketers out there Payntr cricket shoes are the best and most advanced on the market. With the new season approaching please have a look at so you can spend your season in comfort.

JustGiving online donations: Running 1600 miles and sober for a year

The Challenge: Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year
With Lewis approaching the age of 16 (Nov), I have decided to set myself my most demanding personal challenge ever. Lewis fights every day to stay alive and is in his 16th year of doing so. 

I have just promised him that I will attempt to run 1600 miles in a year (Sept 18-Sept 19), which is 100 miles for each year of his life.  

This will equate to an average of 133 miles EVERY month of the year, 33 miles EVERY week, and an average of 5 miles approx EVERY day for a whole year. I honestly don’t if I am going to complete the miles in a year, as there is a lot of luck involved as regards injury, purely due to the sheer volume of miles involved. But I am going to give it EVERYTHING I have to complete 1600 miles in 1 year.

As well as this I have just pledged to him that I will go sober for 1 whole year (3rd Sept 2018 - 4th Sept 2019). Those who know me well know that alcohol is my big achilles heel and something which affects my mental health greatly.  This challenge alone is going to be extremely difficult for me to stick to.

This double challenge will be by far the hardest and most challenging thing I have done to date, but I’ve promised Lewis so there is no going back now. Even this doesn’t get anywhere near to what Lewis endures on a daily basis.

I know for a fact that both challenges will help me enormously with trying to cope with all the challenges and obstacles the next year is going to bring us, as he turns from 16yrs to 17yrs and from a child to an “adult”.  

I would be extremely grateful if anyone wishes to sponsor/donate to my double challenge to help me on my way!.  Any money raised will go to the Life for Lewis Appeal. 

This is the JustGiving page specifically for this double RUNNING SOBER challenge

Many thanks.
Gary x
Lewis’ Father
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The Challenge: Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year

Running 1,600 Miles and Going Sober for 1 Year

Jun 2024 - Team Bellew Climb Snowden and raise an amazing £900

“We wanted to mark Lewis’s 21st birthday and also undertake a challenge that really pushed us. We wanted to really earn that sponsorship money, because times are tough!  This was a challenge that we could do as a group to hopefully raise awareness about Lewis’s charity and it was great that we could get our children involved. They found it much easier than us older ones!
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The Journey of a Special Needs Father by Gary Herbert

My dad has written about the challenges he, my mum, my sister and my brother have to go through to look after me. It is a very honest and personal account of a fathers journey of having a special needs child and the challenges faced.
Read more.. The Journey of a Special Needs Father

Supporters Comments

We would be so grateful if everyone who has supported the Life for Lewis Appeal over the past few years take a couple of minutes and leave us a comment on our supporters comment page, it will be lovely for us to be able to look back on the comments and cherish and have a record of how utterly amazing people have been towards Lewis and our family, many thanks Gary and Lexi xx Read more.. Supporters Comments

What The Papers Say.. Read All About It..

Links to various newspaper reports about the Life for Lewis Appeal..

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May 2024 - Milton Keynes 10km Relay Marathon Run on 6th May 2024

Jim Hawkins, the Clubs and Community Manager for Steelbacks in the Community, is running a 10 km relay leg of the Milton Keynes Marathon on May 6th to raise funds for Lewis. Read more.. May 2024 - MK 10km Relay

Nov 2023 - Oscar's 50 Mile Challenge for his Big Brother

Well Done Oscar.. Oscar ran 50 miles (80km) in 41 days in support of Lewis. Oscar completed the challenge on Saturday (11th Nov) while pushing Lewis wheelchair over the finish line.

Oscar came up with the idea for the challenge ahead of Lewis' 21st birthday.. "Lewis' legs don't work, but I'm lucky that mine do. I used my legs to run for him".

"We are so very proud of Oscar for what he has done for his big brother. For him to want to do this for his brother is so thoughtful and caring. I know we are biased but what a caring thing to do for someone so young", Gary Herbert.
Read more.. Nov 2023 - Oscar's 50 Mile Challenge

Nov 2023 - Charity Fundraiser to Celebrate Lewis 21st Birthday

Hi all, we have decided to not do Lewis' cricket and music fundraising day next summer as we just don't have the time to plan it properly as we have so much going on!. We are however going to be actively fundraising for him during the next 6 weeks leading up to his 21st Birthday in November. 

We will be doing some online auctions and challenges and for those who wish to donate to the Life for Lewis Appeal for his 21st Birthday then we are using a Go-Fund-Me Fundraising page:

Read more.. Nov 2023 - Lewis Turns 21 Fundraiser

Oct 2022 - Andy Parker Runs London Marathon

I have seen the London marathon on tv and I have been to watch it in London as a spectator a couple of times, and I have always thought how cool it would be to take part.

For around 10 or so years I have always entered the ballot. I could’ve signed up and taken one of the charity places but I didn’t want to be tied into a particular charity as my main aim was to be able to do it for Life For Lewis, that’s why I had to rely on a ballot entry.
Read more.. Oct 2022 - London Marathon

Nov 2020 - Lewis Turns 18 Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Lewis
Happy Birthday to you

Wishing our very special and precious Lewis a happy 18th birthday!

Read more.. Nov 2020 - Lewis Turns 18

July 2020 - Steve Bellew's Le Cricket Ground Cycling Tour

Stony Cricket Legend Steve Bellew raises an incredible £8,600 for the Life for Lewis Appeal.

Stony cricket legend Steve Bellew has just completed an incredible challenge of cycling to 18 different cricket grounds in 18 days to mark Lewis’ 18th Birthday.  During this challenge he covered an amazing 536 KM on his bike, and in turn raised an incredible £8,600 + gift aid for the L4L appeal. This was an amazing achievement and something which Steve should be extremely proud of.
Read more.. July 2020 - Le Cricket Ground Cycling Tour

June 2020 - L4L 5k Challenge #WALK #RUN #BIKE

With Lewis' 18th Birthday approaching quickly (12th Nov 20) and with him desperately needing some new bespoke replacement mats for his sensory room at home, we have decided to see if any of our wonderful L4L supporters would be willing to complete the L4L5kCHALLENGE to help us towards the cost of replacing his mats which are now 5yrs old, worn, and are not helping his scoliosis (curvature of the spine) as he sinks into them, plus they are really difficult to us and his carers to walk on now.  He requires some firmer bespoke mats for his sensory room as soon as possible. 

So the challenge is to either Walk, Run or Bike 5k and then please donate £5, as well as then nominating 3 of your friends to complete the challenge as well (tagging the Life for Lewis Appeal in your post @lifeforlewisappeal).

Due to the current situation with COVID the fundraising event we were going to do to mark his 18th year will no longer take place, so this is the replacement fundraiser for the cancelled event.  

Please get involved if you can as it would really help us towards the cost of his new firmer bespoke sensory mats which are desperately needed. 

Many thanks all.
Team Herbert xx Read more.. June 2020 - L4L 5k Challenge

June 2021 - Classic Tough Mudder Team Challenge Sat June 12th 2021 (Belvoir Castle, Grantham)

Date to be confirmed.. Saturday 12th June 2021. 8-10 Miles with 25 different Obstacles.

Tough Mudder organisers have postponed the 2020 event due to the Coronavirus, the new date will be in June 2021.

In 2020 Lewis will enter his 18th year (Finger Crossed!). This will be a real landmark for him and us as a family and it is truly remarkable that he has got to this age with all that he has had to cope with over the years with his severe and extremely disability. He literally fights each day to stay alive. Read more.. June 2021 - Tough Mudder Team Challenge

Feb 2020 - Race For Lewis Park Fun Run in Abington Park on 29th February 2020

Four Northampton College Business students, Olivia Stokes, Lewis Knowlton, Isabelle Bull and Maria Sirghi organised a 5K Park Run in Abington Park as part of their business studies course.

Total Raised: £260
Read more.. Feb 2020 - Race for Lewis Park Run

Nov 2019 - Swanny and Blowers sing Happy Birthday at the Derngate Theatre

Happy Birthday 17th Birthday to Lewis from Graeme Swann, Henry Blowfeld and the whole crowd at the Derngate Theatre.
Read more.. Nov 2019 - Swanny and Blowers sing Happy Birthday

Oct 2019-20 - Marathon Year: 52 marathons in 52 weeks for my 18th year - CHALLENGE SUSPENDED

After a lot of thinking and deliberation I have reluctantly decided to put on hold my challenge of running 52 marathons in 52 weeks for Lewis with immediate effect. We are all in unprecedented times and it is unrealistic and not feasible for me to be able to go out for 4 hours plus running at a time at this current time

It is very likely that Lewis won’t return to school until September and with Oscar and Kira both being off school for the foreseeable future as well, and us having to do their home schooling on top of everything else we have to do, then there is simply not enough time to fit it in at the moment.

We have also decided to not have any of Lewis’ wonderful carers in at this point in time and for the foreseeable future due to the virus, so we will be having to do everything for Lewis on our own 24-7 which is going to be extremely testing and demanding for us, but it is the right thing to do in the current climate.
Read more.. Oct 2019-20 - 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks. Full Statement

Sept 2019 - Kay and Chris Knight Raise an amazing £600 on their wedding day

Words from Lewis..
A massive thank you to Kay and Chris for doing this for me. It really was such a kind, thoughtful and caring thing to do, and the funds really will help me be able to get the equipment I require due to my due severe disability. A big heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of their wedding guests who donated to my Life for Lewis Appeal it’s extremely appreciated. I hope you all had lots of fun on the day and didn’t drink too much!!!, Lots of Love Lewis xxx. Read more.. Sept 2019- Wedding Day Donation.. Kay and Chris Knight

June 2019 - Negroni Week at Nuovo Restaurant in Northampton Raises an Amazing £200

Nuovo Italian restaurant in Abington street, Northampton raised an wonderful £200 for the Life for Lewis Appeal during their Negroni week back in June. For a week they created 6 different Negroni drink variations for their customers and a percentage of each sale went to Lewis’ appeal.

We would like to say a massive heart felt thank you to Stewart and Charlie Wright, and the rest of the NUOVO team for doing this for Lewis, it was extremely kind and thoughtful of you and extremely appreciated. Big thank you also to all those who sampled a Negroni during the week Read more.. June 2019 - Negroni Week 24-30th June

May 2019 - Milton Keynes Marathon 2019

As part of the 1600 miles in a year challenge, I decided to go for a stroll around Milton Keynes.. it just happened to be the Milton Keynes Marathon !

Thank you everyone for your really kind and supportive messages for my MK Marathon today. It’s really kind and very thoughtful of you all. I really struggled today between miles 18 and 26.2 and was just pleased to get round in one piece to be honest!, legs just didn’t want to work today for some reason!. Finished in 4hrs 34secs, but my goodness it hurt!

These pictures fully sum up how I was feeling at the different stages of the MK Marathon on Monday. Not difficult to tell which photo was at 23 miles!. Read more.. May 2019 - MK Marathon 2019

Oct 2018 - Life for Lewis 'Ryder Cup' Charity Golf Day

Lloyd Groom arranged a golf day for the Life for Lewis Charity Golf Day Friday 12th October 2018

We are delighted to announce that the "Life for Lewis Charity Golf Day 2018" raised and incredible £7,200. Thank you to each and everyone of you who supported the event, we really cannot comprehend everyone’s support and generosity towards Lewis and our whole family xx Read more.. Oct 2018 - Charity Golf Day

Sept 2018 - St. Anthony's School 3-a-side Football Tournament

St. Anthony's School raise a wonderful £210 for the Life for Lewis Appeal playing in a 3-a-side footie tournament.  Read more.. Sept 2018 - St. Anthony's Football Tournament

Sept 2018 - Abseiling Down the Northampton Lift Tower

Gary Rock abseils 418ft down the Northampton Lift Tower and raises an amazing £800 for the Life for Lewis appeal.
Read more.. Sept 2018 - Abseiling Northampton Lift Tower

Sept 2018 - Thames Path Challenge Putney Bridge to Henley-on-Thames (Maya Warren & Tamzin Ford)

On 8th September, 2018, Maya Warren and Tamzin Ford raised an amazing £672.00 (AND SMASHED THEIR £10/MILE TARGET) for the Life For Lewis Appeal by completing the 100km (62 mile) Thames Path Challenge from Putney Bridge to Henley-on-Thames. Read more.. Sept 2018 - Thames Path Challenge

June 2018 - Super Heroes & Villains 5k Father's Day Fun Run Raises £2.5k

Old White Hart 5K Fun Run Raises £2,500 for the Life for Lewis Appeal.

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who came and supported our fun run for Lewis on Sunday. You all looked amazing in your costumes and we really hope you had as much fun as we did. We are delighted to announce that we managed to raise an incredible £2,500 which is simply wonderful, thank you all so much, the OWH team x

Lexi Herbert Parker: Bloody hell! It’s amazing! Totally gobsmacked! Xxx Read more.. June 2018 - Father's Day Fun Run!

May 2018 - Boot Camp boys raise an incredible £1500 for the Life For Lewis Appeal

Nick Harvey-Bain (Chief organiser) said;
“The Rat Race Dirty Weekend is the biggest and best obstacle race in the world. Located at Burghley House near Peterborough, the course consists of a gruelling 20 mile race over 200 obstacles including water, tunnels, walls, and the worlds longest monkey bar obstacle. A team of 5 of people, Nick Harvey-Bain, Simon Church, Jason Kenney, Ben O’Donegan and Bob Gregitis completed the course in 6 hours and 27 minutes and in doing so raised over £1500 for the Life for Lewis charity”. Read more.. May 2018 - Rat Race Dirty Weekend

March 2018 - Oakley (Bedford) 20 Mile Run


Right all you lovely people, my main fundraising event of 2018 is the Oakley (Bedford) 20 mile run on Sunday 18th March.
Read more.. March 2018 - Oakley 20 Mile Run

Nov 2017 - Daddy's Ridiculous November Running Challenge !

Me and my big mouth!, ever had the feeling you've bitten off more than you can chew!. 

25 November 2017 a day to remember..
I did it !, I really don't know how, but I've managed to run 200 miles in November (Completed in 13 runs at an average of 15.42miles per run). It was all done for you Lewis, I love you so much and I will always be there for you fighting your corner.

Thank you so much to all those who have already sponsored me I really do appreciate your support, and if anyone else wishes to sponsor me then that would be amazing and extremely appreciated. #AndRELAX

Much love, an exhausted and emotional Gary xx
Read more.. Nov 2017 - 200 Mile Marathon Challenge

Nov 2017 - Kerridge Commercial Systems Dress Down Day and Guess the Pumpkin Weight

Massive thank you to David Liddle and Margaret Liddle, and everyone from Kerridge Commercial Systems who helped raise an amazing £250 towards Lewis’ appeal for their dress down day, and guess the weight of the pumpkin last Friday (3rd November 2017). Thank you, we appreciate it so much.

Lots of love the Herbert’s xx Read more.. Nov 2017 - Kerridge Commercial Systems

Sept 2017 - Wedding Day Donation.. Bill & Tina Scott

On their wedding day.. Bill & Tina Scott raised an incredible £800 for the Life for Lewis appeal

Wedding Day speeches from friends of the Bride & Groom..
Read more.. Sept 2017 - Wedding Day Donation.. Bill & Tina Scott

Aug 2017 - Charity Band Day at Old White Hart, Northampton

What:   Charity Band Day 2017
When:  27th August 2017, 3pm till Late. FREE Entry
Where: Old White Hart, Cotton End, Northampton. NN4 8BS

The Sun was out.. the Beer flowed.. and the Bands banged out some fine tunes !

What We said..
"Charity band day. Wow! What an amazing afternoon! Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us! We truly are so grateful to you all! It was such a wonderful day with all the amazing music! Tony Young you are such an amazing friend! ! Thank you again!" Read more.. Aug 2017 - Charity Band Day (Old White Hart)

July 2017 - Bake Sale at Hackleton Primary School

Ready Steady Bake..

Kezia Parker and Jacob Chambers arranged a Bake Sale at Hackleton Primary School on 6th July 2017 selling Cakes, Biscuits and Sweets. Read more.. July 2017 - Bake Sale Hackleton Primary School

May 2017 - I've got a brand new combine harvester.. err sorry.. A Brand New Website !

I've got a brand new website designed for mobile devices.

It is a fully mobile compliant responsive web design and can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Read more.. May 2017 - New Website !

Feb 2017 - Running the Silverstone Half Marathon on 12th February 2017

"Right, I've been sat here for an hour trying of think of what to say to sum up today. Words will never be enough to express how we really feel about you all!. I truly know how tough it must have been for you all to achieve what you have today!. It hurts!, it really hurts, and for you all to want to do that to help Lewis is mind boggling!. We are so incredibly lucky to have you all in our lives, and for you all to want to support and help him is simply amazing."

Love you all xx
Gary and Lexi xx
Read more.. Feb 2017 - Silverstone Half Marathon

Sept 2016 - Northampton Half Marathon Challenge on Sunday 4th Sept 2016

Mummy and Daddy have decided to run the Northampton half marathon on Sunday 4th Sept 2016 to try and raise money towards my appeal.

This is going to be a massive challenge for them both, as the furthest Mummy has run is 5k, and the furthest Daddy has managed is about half a mile!. Read more.. Sept 2016 - Northampton Half Marathon Challenge

Summer 2016 - Meeting Graeme Swann and Jimmy Anderson at Trent Bridge

Hanging out with Swanny at the Cricket! Read more.. Summer 2016 - Meeting Cricketing Superstars

Summer 2015 - Steven Crook Runs4Funds Charity Season for Northants CCC

Runs4Funds is a fundraising initiative founded by Northamptonshire Steelbacks all-rounder, Steven Crook, that was born following an emotional meeting with two inspirational parents of Northampton-born, Lewis Herbert. 

Lewis and his family’s story was covered in the local newspaper, where they spoke of their efforts to recruit fundraisers to help raise enough money to provide much-needed facilities and equipment for 12 year old LGS-sufferer, Lewis.

Throughout the 2015 season, Steven supported the A Life For Lewis Appeal by helping raise nearly £5,000 towards a much needed sensory garden for Lewis to enjoy. Read more.. Summer 2015 - Steven Crook Runs4Funds

Sept 2016 - Rushton Cricket Club Donation

Quiz question: in cricket what does DRS stand for.. Read more.. Sept 2016 - Rushton Cricket Club Donation

July 2016 - Our Hero, A Song for Lewis by Jonny Cooke

The amazingly thoughtful, kind, and talented Jonny Cooke has written and produced a song for me.

How cool am I to have a song all of my own!.

This is so personal and special to me, and my Mummy and Daddy. Read more.. A Song for Lewis by Jonny Cooke

May 2016 - Thomas-A-Becket Pub Music Night Fundraiser

"We've had such an amazing day/night #livemusicforlewis #thomasabecket #charityday #raisedabout £600.00"
Richard Coys Cutler 
Landlord of the Thomas-A-Becket Pub
Read more.. May 2016 - Thomas-A-Becket Pub Music Night Fundraiser

Oct 2015 - Wicken Conservation Society, Treasure Hunt

Thank you so much to the Wicken Conservation Society (WCS) for all their efforts in arranging the treasure hunt etc on Saturday. Read more.. Oct 2015 - Wicken Conservation Society

July 2015 - Michael Ratcliffe's Golf Day at Kingsfisher Golf Club Deanshanger

Thank you so much Michael Ratcliffe for arranging the golf day last Friday for Life for Lewis which raised an amazing £801.40.

Read more.. July 2015 - Ratcliffe's Golf Day, Deanshanger

July 2015 - Horton House CC Cricket Reunion Match 5th July 2015

It's the taking part that counts not the winning.. Read more.. July 2015 - Horton Cricket Reunion Match

June 2015 - Rushton Hall Spa Donation

Rushton Hall Spa raise £420.00 for the “Life for Lewis Appeal” Read more.. June 2015 - Rushton Hall Spa Donation

May 2015 - Jimmy Anderson Test Match Shirt Auction

A Real Test Match Special.. A Signed Jimmy Anderson England Cricket Shirt
Read more.. May 2015 - Jimmy Anderson Test Match Shirt Auction

April 2015 - Graham Abbott and Northampton Cricket Umpires Donation

This is the ultimate "Howzat Appeal for Life for Lewis" ! Read more.. April 2015 - Howzat Appeal (Northampton Cricket Umpires Donation)

March 2015 - Family Fun Bingo Evening at West Hunsbury Community Centre

A 'Full House' was had by all.. Read more.. March 2015 - Family Fun Bingo (West Hunsbury)

Feb 2015 - Life for Lewis T-shirts Designs by Patrick Latham (3rd Man Cartoons)

Massive thank you to Patrick Latham (3rd Man Cartoons) for designing and providing my “Life for Lewis shirts”, they looks absolutely stunning.

Read more.. Feb 2015 - Life for Lewis T-shirts Designs

Jan 2015 - Wicken Dog Walk

Wow! or should I say woof ! Read more.. Jan 2015 - Wicken Dog Walk

Fundraising Challenges by some very special friends

Personal challenges people have done for Lewis over the years.. Read more.. Various Personal Fundraising Challenges

To get involved and help fundraising for Lewis please contact us

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